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About Terri

Well hello there and welcome to my website! My name is Terri Keefer and I am the founder of Terri Keefer Photography, TallieHo Productions, Inc. and Timeless Wedding Photography.

I describe myself as a person who’s “always seen life through the eye of a camera.” I used to think this was my way of avoiding reality... not so! Little did I know I was always a Photographer in training.

I love, love, love animals! My dogs and cat are all rescued. I've been a long time volunteer with various animal rescue organizations. After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in October of 2005, I went there to save whatever animals I could. During that time, I met, fell in love with and adopted my beautiful dog K.T. whom had been abandoned by her family. I'm certain what I experienced there will no doubt stay with me forever. I believe this has contributed greatly to the person I am today.

During college, my insane love for Photography began when I received a 35mm camera outfit from my Dad on my 18th birthday. My Mom then taught me how to use a darkroom, with an emphasis on black and white photographs. I have been "snapping" ever since, my animals have about 300,000 photos of them each, (and I really miss the darkroom).

I was awarded a scholorship to play basketball in college and also worked for an advertising agency as a Graphic Artist. There I learned how to visually please the eye through publication. My degree is in Broadcast Journalism from LSU, and I later worked as Assistant Producer for the morning Sunrise Show at then NBC Affiliate WDAF Television in Kansas City, Mo. This experience gave me the skills necessary to tell the story used in my photographic or video creations. It also taught me how to work on "the fly" with crazy deadlines! After several years I moved into sales and marketing for various companies, giving me an even deeper understanding of human nature and how to uncover and communicate the spirit of things.

My knack for creative imagery led to my passion for still and moving images. I have a really hard time watching movies because it's tough to follow the story line when you're busying looking at the lighting, shot angles and cinematography!

I'm humbled when described as a "Visual Artist", and always strive to live up that title. I attribute this to my unique background in broadcast journalism, television, film, and photography.

I'm a published Photographer and most recently had two photos published in the animal magazine "Halo".

My television credits include long-standing appearances on Murphy Brown, Still Standing, The Brian BenBen Show and Partners. In addition, I appeared in Batman and Robin, The Other Sister and other films. I was completely fascinated with the inner workings of these productions, how they lit the scenes, and the fluidity of how everything came together. I love the stuff! This real-life exposure to television and films, acting, lighting, set design, production, and directing are major influences in my work today. I am a proud and active member of SAG, AFTRA, the Hollywood Film Society, Professional Photographers of America, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

I'm quite silly with a unique sense of humor. I pretty much can find humor in most situations. Laughing is a requirement when you hang around with me!

I am a proud member of the following organizations: Screen Actor's Guild (SAG), American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA). Wedding and Portrait Photographer's International (WPPI), National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), Professional Photographer's of America (PPA).