“Best photography experience I ever had!!!  Professionalism goes a very long way with me.  Thanks for making the shoot comfortable & fun while delivering beautiful product; expect repeat business.” 
– Joe Bellio, Santa Clarita, CA

“Terri is so professional and easy to work with. She made both our maternity and newborn photo shoots much easier then I could have ever imagined. And the photos are just gorgeous. Terri has such an eye for composition and lighting. We could not have been more pleased with the results. We would highly recommend her, especially for the shy types!” 
– Sherry and Jack Kolodny, Santa Monica, CA

“I’m so glad we met Terri! You’ve become more than just my photographer, you’ve become my friend. It’s a wonderful thing to have a photographer you can rely upon to deliver beautiful work every time. My agents and manager are always so happy with your work and I always enjoy shooting with you. Thank you!”
– Scarlett McAlister, Los Angeles, CA

“Terri is fantastic! She’s got a “small town” attitude which makes her a warm, friendly, and very low stress photographer. Getting my headshots was like a photoshoot with a close friend. Laid back style aside, her work is beautiful! The shots are always professional and the best part is that she takes the time to get to know her clients so she can capture the best in them. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!”
– Chelsey Albert, Santa Clarita, CA

“This was the most fun I ever had at a photo shoot.  I was relaxed and couldn’t stop laughing.  Terri’s smile is contagious and that made it easy for me.  I think she captured my soul!  Oops!  Give it back!!”
– Victoria Jackson, Comedian, Los Angeles, CA

“Terri did a wonderful job and Sophie enjoyed working with her. It was marvelous to see her take so much time talking to Sophie, making her relax, explaining her thought process. Sophie was very comfortable Terri made it so easy for her to relax and focus — hence, Sophie’s amazing headshots. Terri, thank you again”
– Linda McGuirk (Sophie’s mom), San Luis Obispo, CA

“It’s a true testament to you Terri, that you can get so many great shots from someone with a long history of bad photos and a truly un-photogenic past (such as myself). Kudos to you, and thank you so much for that!”
– Natalie Inger, Hermosa Beach, CA

“I truly enjoyed the time that we spent together and I am so amazed by the incredible results.  You have the artistic creativity, split-second timing and a sharp eye that for producing magical photos.  Your demeanor set a tone that made me feel comfortable and at ease, and therefore allowed you to capture my true personality.  Anyone who uses your services will not only experience one of their most productive photo sessions ever, they will also have a great time in the process.  I can’t thank you enough for the truly amazing photos… There were so many, it was hard to narrow them down. Thank you for literally bringing out the best in me.” 
– Ed Porter, Santa Clarita, CA.

“My wife hired Terri to shoot candid as well as posed shots to “document” my 60th birthday surprise party. Terri was a pleasure to work with and was completely unobtrusive the entire day, and was able to get those special angles and capture the moments and personalities that elude less talented photographers. While her photographic skills are certainly impressive, what knocked us out was her artistic talents and taste when she delivered the “coffee table” album she created from scratch from the 150 shots that we called “the final cut”. Additionally Terri made custom “Gallery Wrap” wall hangings with several shots of each player on stage! A huge hit! Would we work with Terri Keefer again…IN A HEARTBEAT!!!!”
– Alan and Geri Albert, Agua Dulce, CA

“Terri I want to thank you for the outstanding photos you have provided me for my new Interior Design website. The superior quality of your work is displayed in so many ways. The lighting, the clarity and the overall feeling of really ‘being there’ is captured in every image. You are a pleasure to work with and I can’t wait to have you back to Houston to do more photos in my upcoming finished projects. You truly are a “master of your craft”!
– Tammie Turano, Turano & Associates, LLC

“To get a child to relax and give a clear glimpse of their soul is an art.  erri did that with my son, Sky. She was patient and had the innate instinct to know when the moment was right to grab that camera again and Boom!  Terri captured the magic!”
– Chana Vowell, Santa Clarita, CA

“Dear Terri,  I can’t thank you enough for the great headshot session you had with my son, Matthew. You took the time to really connect with him and make him feel comfortable.  You also had a way of bringing out his best, most natural looks.  he feedback on his photos has been really positive, and I just wanted you to know that I would recommend your work to anyone who wants great customer service and professional, high quality results. We will be seeing you again!”
– Leona Evans, Los Angeles, CA

“I just got done shooting with Terri for the second time… had a blast! Every single photo was beautiful, except for the ones where I’m fidgeting or closed my eyes… seriously, every photo is amazing, and I could not be happier! I have on almost no makeup in this set of photos and she did a beautiful job. These will require no retouching, no cropping, nada. Yes, she is just that good. Actors and friends, I highly encourage you to check out my Terri’s amazing work. In addition to beautiful headshots she also does amazing pet & family photos!… Thank you Terri.”
-Scarlett McAlister, Actress, Los Angeles, CA